If you’ve not been living under a rock you’ve probably heard a lot about the longstanding feud about whose jollof rice is better–Nigeria’s or Ghana’s?

While the jollof rice war is a friendly debate that keeps the harmony going between some West African countries, such as Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cameroon, it can really get tiresome for people who don’t even CARE about the argument.

Here are 7 things you’ll find relatable if you roll your eyes every time you see yet another; “who has the best jollof rice?”

You wonder who exactly started the argument in the first place

Aren’t there better things to do than argue about food?

What’s the big deal about the rice sef?

As long as you can eat something, you are fine.

You don’t even like rice

You can totally survive without it.

Surely, there are more important things to talk about?

Like, “can the Nigerian government do a census so we know what the population really is?”

Why exactly is jollof rice considered a “national treasure”?

Can the Spanish get on this jollof war? Because they have one too.

What’s the prize for the winner of this jollof rice debate?

Abeg what’s the end game?

Will there be feud’s about other meals?

Or is it just this rice sha?

Meanwhile, while everyone else is clamoring for jollof rice supremacy, making short films, getting people enraged by their oopsies; our Jollof Road team is currently touring West Africa to discover what the fuss is really about. They are sampling different foods along the way, understanding different cultures and interacting with different people, but they’re really just spying on the jollof rice recipes of other countries so they can come back with the results and end the friendly feud.



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