It’s been established that Nigerian mothers are a rare breed. On top of the things that irritate them the most is your relationship with your phone. It’s even crazy to think about it, but it almost feels like they have a serious case of Fear Of Missing Out. And to live with that, they find creative ways to plug themselves in and give you grief for daring to “love” something else more than you love them.

If you have a Nigerian mother, these are some of the times your phone has had to take the fall for something you did or something that happened to you.

The Time You Forgot The Details On An Errand She Sent You

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So many things could have happened here, but they don’t matter to your mum. As far as she is concerned, you are forgetful only because you spend too much time on your phone. That’s not all, depending on how old you’re, you might have to deal with the pain of her locking your ears.

The Time Your Grades Slipped

Few things make Nigerian parents go on a meltdown than when you make them think you’re wasting the fortune they’re spending on you. Of course, one of the first things they blame is your phone. The perfect retort would be “If I didn’t have my phone, I still wouldn’t study”, but you might need to find new sponsors if you let these words out.

The Time You Didn’t Do A Chore Up To Her Standards

First, you need to understand that no matter how hard you try, you can never sweep the floor as clean as your mother would want, iron her clothes to a crisp, or do anything she will be impressed with. She blames this on your low concentration level, which you have because you’re always pressing your phone.

The Time You Had A Headache

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Ha! This is a classic. Why won’t you have a headache when you won’t let your brain rest since you are always on your phone?

The Time You Made A Mistake Or Had An Accident

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You could slip because the tiled floor had just been cleaned, and the blame would go to your phone. No connection there, but your mother simply doesn’t care. And oh, make sure you don’t add to much salt to the soup if you don’t want to endure a tirade about how your phone is ruining your life.

For all the grief they give you about how much time you spend on your phone, you would think they would be happy every time you missed their calls, but no. If you want to see the undiluted wrath of your mother, don’t be with your phone whenever she calls you.

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And hey, let’s not forget that you are their go-to person every time they need to fix their “WhatZup” or buy data.



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