The women trying to balance one hand on the wheel, while the other completes that left eye brow they couldn’t finish at home.

We stan a woman that likes to live dangerously on the edge.

Those people that can’t believe they have to go in to work that day and the rest of the week, and the rest of the year.

They’ve already started countdown to retirement in their heads.

The staff bus filled with people that came with wrapper and pillow, prepared to carry over last night’s sleep.

Check it first, nobody is ever awake, sometimes even the driver.

The big oga just chilling at the back of his 2018 Prado, not stressing over the mad people trying to turn 2 lanes into 5.

These are actually the people to envy in that traffic.

The 8 people that squeezed inside a Picanto because they can’t come and kill themselves inside Danfo when a colleague can drop them live at work.

See, this life na once. Carpool while you can.

Those people you’ll always catch singing and dancing behind the wheel, even in Monday traffic.

Please come and tell us where you get the energy.

Those mad people that are always blasting sirens at 7 in the morning, as if they’re the only ones with places to be.

Your time isn’t more important than mine, please dear.

There’s always that one guy that didn’t get enough sleep at home and tries to complete it behind the wheel.

Please, if you’re one of them, stop that rough play.

Our national heroes, the ones that make sure we get breakfast in the mornings- we celebrate you.

When are we going to get Gala sellers on the naira note?


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