Wow, What A Week The World Had.

July 5, 2019

Not that we are ones to participate in Suffering Olympics (even though Nigeria wins double gold any day)

But this was a particularly challenging week for people the world over. From record-breaking earthquakes to worsening humanitarian crises in at least 3 different continents of the world. While Nigeria had her fair share of issues to deal with, what with assault against women being the order of the day — if the week’s headlines were anything to go by, here’s how the rest of the world fared:

California and Mexico reminded us climate change has both fingers poised for a Thanos Snap on the world.

This week, Mexico experienced a Summer hailstorm, a none too uncommon occurrence in the city. What was strange, however, was its sheer magnitude. Damaging at least 200 local homes and villages, and 50 vehicles. The hailstorm left at least three feet of ice on the ground.

California, only yesterday, the 4th of July, experienced its strongest earthquake in two decades when a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the city. 

If you haven’t already, now would be a fantastic time to plant that tree you’ve always wanted.

Hong Kong’s Protests Got Very Heated.

Hong-Kong as for 22 years enjoyed a semi-autonomous state from China, its previous colonisers; however, when a bill was passed to allow China extradite citizens of Hong-Kong, it was met with a series of protests.

What started as peaceful mass protests turned ugly, as protesters stormed and vandalised the Legislative Council of Hong Kong.

Venezuela and its Death Squads.

This week, the United Nations made accusations against Venezuela, who it supposes has been using its security forces to kill young men in the state. Worse still, the murders are allegedly staged to look like the victims resisted arrest. By May 19th, 2019, at least 1 569 deaths have been ascribed to criminals resisting arrest, by the end of 2018, this figure was at 5 287.

Crisis In The Democratic Republic of Congo.

The DRC is experiencing a resurgence of interethnic violence, and just this week, it was described as an attempted genocide by its president – Felix Tshisekedi. At the centre of the current crisis is the DRC’s northeastern province, where the violence has seen scores of its citizens killed, and tens of thousands displaced.

And let’s not forget, Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook playing with our emotions.

Ending in considerably lighter news, this week also saw our favourite social media applications interlock fingers and jump into a black hole or whatever it was that prevented us from accessing them for hours at a time on July 3rd. 

Luckily, it was all good by Thursday and we were all back to having something to scroll through in the middle of awkward conversations.

How did your week go?

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