Weeks after the fire incident on March 8, 2023, which razed the spare parts market in Akere, Ajegunle, another fire, broke out in Ajeromi, Ajegunle, on April 3, 2023, destroying properties. 

What happened?

A young man, Jamal, who resides in the area informed Zikoko Citizen

that the fire started around 7:30 p.m. According to him, the fire was from a candle lit by a resident who stepped out briefly. Unfortunately, the candle’s flame caught some items in the room, which eventually spread to another tenant’s gas cylinder and spread across the neighbourhood.

Was the fire contained?

Fortunately, the Fire Service responded quickly, but their work was delayed because the roads in the area were narrow, and they couldn’t get their truck to the right position. They had to resort to dragging their water pipe to the affected areas. 

However, the Fire Service effectively managed the fire outbreak and prevented the fire from spreading, which could have happened quickly due to the nature of housing in the area. 

Also, although many shops, houses and properties were damaged, nobody got seriously injured, and no fatalities were reported as of press time. 

The effects of a fire outbreak can be devastating and take people years to recover from. So, we should be extra careful and take preventive measures to ensure these accidents don’t happen.

When you leave your house, always put out any active fire and turn off electrical appliances to avoid an inferno that may be difficult to contain.



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