An explosion disrupted the peace in Ibadan, Oyo state, in the early evening of Tuesday, January 16, 2024. Residents of Iwajowa L.G.A (Apata), Ibadan North-West L.G.A (Jericho), Ibadan North L.G.A (Yemetu, Mokola, Agbowo) and Ido L.G.A (Elebu, Apete, Akufo) took to X to report about the loud bang they heard in their area. And the affected people shared photos and videos of their damaged homes and property.

The damage

According to news reports, the explosion happened at Dejo Oyelese Close, Off Adeyi Avenue, Old Bodija. The unfortunate event claimed two lives. 77 people were injured, over 20 houses and 15 cars were permanently destroyed, and about 10 houses and five cars can still be salvaged. According to X user, @dondekojo, the explosives — C4, Dynamite, ANFO and TNT — caused the blast whose impact was felt at about a 500-metre radius.

However, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal officials are reportedly still investigating the explosives that went off in Ibadan.

Journalist and digital content producer, Ayo Adams, went around the city last night to see the affected places. He reported in his tweets that it was too late at night to talk to residents about the incident, but passersby had felt the shock wave of the explosion. He visited businesses affected by the explosion, like Dominos and Ace Mall, Bodija, and the Housing Central Mosque.

Search and rescue operation

At 9:47 p.m., the Oyo State Police Department reported that the anti-bomb squad of the Nigerian Police, medical personnel, firefighters, road safety officers and the state security operative, Amotekun, had been deployed to the site of the explosion.

More than 20 people have been rescued from the explosion site. However, a local news media tweeted about a boy named Sotannde Kodir, who was found in Sango area. His mother, with whom he ran away from the explosion site, was missing. As of the time of publishing, there’s been no news of her whereabouts or if Sotannde has been reunited with his family.

As of this morning, security personnel, including the Nigerian Army, are still at the scene to prevent a second explosion. @theayoadams

Mustapha Iskil Gbolahan of Fresh FM reported at 10:46 a.m. today that another 11 victims have been rushed to the UCH and are currently receiving medical treatment.

The state governor reacts

At 2:39 a.m., Seyi Makinde confirmed that the wounded were being treated at the University College Hospital (UCH) and some private hospitals. In Seyi Makinde’s press release on X, he stated that the medical bills of all victims will be covered by the government. They’ll also provide temporary accommodation for those whose houses were affected and support them to rebuild their lives. The state governor assured the public that an investigation to bring the illegal miners to book has been launched.

Blood donation

UCH has publicly requested blood donors to help the victims who were rushed there last night.

This morning, X user, @presidentdebbie, tweeted that casualties can reach out to her sister’s blood bank organisation for blood.

Emergency number

In case of future emergencies, residents are advised to dial 615, Oyo State’s emergency number.

Rumours to dismiss

Based on the state governor’s press release, the fake news on X that the blast was a gas explosion at a plant beside Ventura in Samonda should be dismissed. It’s also untrue that there isn’t enough space for the victims at the University College Hospital. The public institution is still attending to and treating victims, according to @dondekojo, a well-known Ibadan local and close source to the Oyo State government.

At this time, we’ve heard no news about victims stuck under the rubble.

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