In an alternate universe free from the claws of capitalism, I’d be a traveller. This would mean freedom from sapa and to achieve this, I plan to become the President of Nigeria because it looks like being a tourist is part of the job description. When President Bubu first got into office in 2015, he made many head-turning promises that he has found challenging to fulfil. One of these promises was to end medical tourism and as we all know, he failed.

As with the common phrase, “All men do is lie,” Bubu was no different. He too dey lie. Bubu has spent more than half a year going abroad at different points for medical treatments; even more, he’s currently in London for a dentist appointment. 

During the 2023 general elections, many Nigerians hoped to finally get a president that wouldn’t ghost us for medical excursions overseas, but it looks like there’s something about the Aso Villa that turns you into an Ajala the traveller—globe trotting often for medical purposes.

On March 21, 2023, the press learned about the news that Nigeria’s president-elect, Bola Tinubu, was travelling to Europe for medical care. However, Tinubu’s campaign and media aides debunked the rumours, claiming he went to rest from the election activities, which, to be fair, is understandable. Tinubu finally returned to Nigeria on April 24, and barely three weeks later, it’s in the news again that he has packed his bags to continue his exploration of Europe. The reason this time is that the journey abroad is a “working trip” to meet investors and prepare for the inauguration on May 29.

My issue in all of this isn’t about Tinubu’s possible interest in being a tourist but rather how his administration might be eerily similar to Buhari’s. Nigerians already have enough PTSD from Buhari ghosting the country for months, without us hearing from the Presidency, and the last thing we want is for affliction rising the second time.. 

What else happened this week?

Two Dead After Wedding Ceremony in Kano

On May 11, news broke that two people were confirmed dead and eight were hospitalised after drinking tea at a wedding ceremony in Sheka, Kumbotso Local Government Area, Kano State. 

The tea is being reported to have been prepared with a local leaf called Zakami and a combination of other drugs. Thankfully, the hospitalised victims were effectively treated and discharged to go about their day-to-day activities. 

The spokesperson of the Kano State police command, SP Abdullahi Haruna, says that although no formal report was made to the police station, an inquiry will be made into the accident. 

Video of the week

Question of the week

On May 22, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) will mark its 50th anniversary. Do you think it’s time for the programme to be scrapped?

Ehen one more thing…

Nigerians face several challenges every second of the day, from lack of stable electricity to traffic congestion, or “go slow,” as they call it. But have you ever wondered how the term “go slow” came to represent traffic congestion? We have the answer here.

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