On Sunday, May 12, 2024, the streets of social media were enraged, and this time, rightly so. A man in the Auchi area of Edo state named Musa Suleman was called out and reported for taking and posting inappropriate photos of his four-year-old daughter. 

What happened?

Sometime last in the first week of May 2024, ahead of his daughter’s fourth birthday, Musa Suleman posted her topless and in a g-string, posing with strong adult drinks in the background. This post quickly went viral across Instagram and X. It was soon discovered that he has actively posted similar images and videos of his three-year-old — half-naked, in provocative postures or dance moves while he eggs her on — on accounts he created in her name.

In a post he uploaded on December 30, 2023, his daughter poses provocatively with two yet-to-be-identified grown men. The viral visuals generated concern from Nigerians, who raised alarm, mass reported his accounts and contacted the necessary law enforcement for Suleman’s arrest for child abuse, pornography and exploitation. 

On May 12, 2024, Musa Suleman took to his daughter’s Instagram account to plead with Nigerians to stop pulling the account down as that was his only means of income. He also stated that a Malaysian influencer and adult movie actress, Siew Pui Yi, known as Ms Puiyi, was his daughter’s mentor — as he specified in every post on her page.

Public reaction

Before his arrest, members of the public had continually reported his daughter’s Instagram till it got banned. Many people have joined in lashing Mr Suleman on his page, requesting that Instagram take it down. 

Following his arrest, the public has expressed gratitude to the Police over the swift arrest of Musa Suleman but continue to urge for the other unidentified individuals associated with this case be found and arrested as well.

Response from the police

The Nigerian Police released a press statement following Musa’s arrest on May 12, 2024: 

“The Nigeria Police Force acknowledges the public outcry in response to disturbing images and videos involving a 4-year-old child with the Instagram handle @officialsarah_ig, circulating on social media. The content portrays the young child in inappropriate poses, akin to adult content. The Force expresses profound shock and grave concern over the apparent exploitation of this vulnerable child and unequivocally condemns such actions in the strongest terms possible.

Prima facie investigations indicate the involvement of the child’s father, who has been apprehended by the Police at the Auchi Divisional Police Headquarters, Edo State Police Command. Every necessary measure is being implemented to ensure that justice is swiftly served. As the investigation unfolds, it is imperative to establish proactive measures to guide and counsel parents, preventing the proliferation of such anomalies in our society.

In light of the above, the Force emphasizes the importance of implementing support systems for parents and guardians to protect the safety and well-being of their children. It is crucial for caregivers to also prioritize the security of minors and seek assistance or guidance when required. The Nigeria Police Force remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding children and upholding the law.”

What happens to Sarah now? 

The Ministry of Health has taken custody of Sarah. Her Mother who remains unidentified, is also alleged to be in Abuja and to not be her primary caregiver. As investigations continue, we hope more comes to light regarding this case. 

This is a developing story. 

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