We’ve all had those bad days when our African ancestors forget to whisper in our ears and help us gauge the salt while cooking.

Too Much Salt in Your Food?

But don’t worry, we’ve checked, and these hacks will make sure your bragging right is intact even after messing shit up in the kitchen.

Dilute with water

Too Much Salt in Your Food?

What water cannot fix does not exist, and this includes your over-salted meal. Just make sure you go easy with the quantity. You’ll be causing more trouble if you also have to deal with watery soup.

Add acid

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That’s right. Ingredients like lemon juice and vinegar have high acidic levels that can cut through the saltiness and distract the tongue. Like water, make sure you add it with caution depending on the quantity of the meal.

Add dairy

Too Much Salt in Your Food?

This might not work with traditional meals, but if you’re making pasta or rice, for example, a moderate dash of coconut milk or heavy cream will reduce the saltiness.

Rinse and recook

This hack works best if you’ve gone overboard with salt while seasoning protein. Drain the water, rinse and cook again with a more controlled salt measurement.


Too Much Salt in Your Food?

Source: LiveScience

If you don’t rate potatoes, you better have a rethink. Just peel a potato, cut it into large pieces, rinse and place inside your over-salted meal. Wait for five to ten minutes then remove them. The potato will absorb the excess salt in your meal.


This should be the last option to consider when the damage is completely beyond repair. Remember, high consumption of salt isn’t good for your health.

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