If you’re up-to-date with the Lagos Owambe scene, you’d know that jollof rice, fried rice and abula have lost their collective claim of being the life of the party. Heavy isale-eko sigh.

Tips for the Perfect Grilled Turkey Wings, According to an Owambe Expert

Source: Instagram/Owambespicey

These days, party guests are after the small chops, colourful cocktails, and most importantly, grilled turkey wings. I caught up with an owambe grill vendor to ask one question: How can I make this turkey in the comfort of my home? He had some answers for me.

Get a “confam” plug for big turkey wings

“You won’t get the satisfaction you want with bite-size turkey wings, so it’s important to go for the big ones. However, traders prefer to sell the small sizes to the JJCs while they reserve the big sizes for their OG customers. If you have a trusted plug, you’ll get a good one. And make sure it’s properly frozen.”

Barkono pepper is bae

Tips for the Perfect Grilled Turkey Wings, According to an Owambe Expert

“Pepper is expensive, so you can improvise using barkono pepper. It’s available at the local market, but you have to grind it into a powdery form after buying. It gives your turkey wings a reddish/golden brown colour and packs moderate heat.”

Marinating is important

Tips for the Perfect Grilled Turkey Wings, According to an Owambe Expert

“The longer you marinate it, the tastier your grilled turkey will be. Because I take large orders, I try to keep it to an hour or two, but you can marinate overnight and store it in the fridge if you aren’t in a rush. This is the best way to let all that seasoning sip into your turkey wings. For your marinade, add some seasoning cubes and spices to your dry pepper mix, salt and vegetable oil, and you’re good to go. You can also add BBQ sauce if you want.”

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Toss and turn from time to time

Source: Instagram/Owambespicey

“Burnt turkey has a bitter taste that can ruin the overall experience. So, it’s important to stay with your grill like it’s dodo you’re frying. If you look away for a short while, you might end up with burnt turkey. This is also the best way to ensure both sides are evenly cooked.”

Start with a checklist

“You don’t want to get halfway in before remembering you need a picker, for example; you’ll end up with burnt turkey wings. Before you start, check your charcoal supply, get an apron, wear gloves. Put everything you need together to avoid leaving the grill area.”

Always have a side

“Not saying you can’t have the turkey alone, but with sides, you’ll be on a whole different level of vibes. The owambe way to go is fried yam, plantain or sweet potato with pepper sauce and coleslaw.”

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