Finding the best suya spots in Lagos can be a real hassle because so many sellers set up shop without even the basic understanding of the traditional recipe.

But if you want to feast right and give your mouth a treat, these spots should be on your radar; they steadily deliver. You might have to spend extra coins, but at least, you’ll get your money’s worth.

University of Suya

These Are the Best Suya Spots in Lagos

Are you even a true Lagosian if you don’t know the University of Suya (Faculty of Meatology)? This spot is popular for being one of the first to make suya selling a full-time business. Forget what they say about the best suya being sold at night. These guys will satisfy your craving even in broad daylight, and it’ll probably be the best you’ve ever had.

Address: NO 113, ALLEN AVENUE, IKEJA   

Arisco Suya

These Are the Best Suya Spots in Lagos

My mum was once on admission at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) when I discovered this spot while looking for food. I saw a long queue and curiously approached to see what was going on. Turns out everyone wanted to buy suya, and I just knew that if people were willing to brace the scorching sun, it couldn’t be for anything regular. I was right! I don’t know how they do it, but the suya melts right into your mouth and doesn’t leave you chewing for so long. They specialise in beef and chicken suya.

Address: Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Ishaga Rd, Idi-Araba

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Glover Court Suya

These Are the Best Suya Spots in Lagos

While the mainland has University of Suya, Glover Court does the Lord’s work for suya lovers who reside on the island. Nestled in the highbrow area of Ikoyi, this is one suya spot in Lagos that’ll have you paying above the average price, but it’ll be worth it. They serve a variety of suya delicacies including beef, kidney, tozo, liver, shaki, chicken and gizzard suya.

Address: 37 Glover Rd, Ikoyi

Sooyah Bistro

These Are the Best Suya Spots in Lagos

The Banky W-owned Sooyah Bistro is the plug for suya lovers who enjoy a little razzmatazz and drama with their suya. They serve a variety of traditional beef and chicken suya, but also have options like suya burger, suya crepe, suya spaghetti and rice, suya toast and suya shawarma. Sooyah Bistro also has branches across the mainland and island.

Check out Sooyah Bistro locations here.

Bukka Hut Suya

These Are the Best Suya Spots in Lagos

Bukka Hut is a restaurant known for serving local cuisine, but it has a wing that caters to suya lovers. Apart from their bestselling chicken and beef suya, they have asun, grilled fish, boli and shawarma. They offer delivery and have branches on the mainland and island.

Check out Bukka Hut locations here.

Lomo Suya

Lomo is one of the best suya spots in Lagos Mainland where you can find the real deal. You’ll always find people lined up waiting to buy suya, whether it’s in the day or night. Apart from their chicken and beef suya offerings, they sell roasted guinea fowl, masa and pre-package yaji spice.

Address: Opposite MKO Abiola Garden, Alausa.

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