Street food in Nigeria is a concept that will never get old. For starters, they don’t cost an arm and they taste better than they look (in most cases). However, there are people who have grown to be dependent on them, and no matter what they do, they can’t shake it off. If you’re one of such people, this post is for you.

1. When you first discover how cheap street food is

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Look at what I’ve been missing out on

2. You, when someone starts to talk about hygiene

What you don’t know can’t kill you.

3. When you remember that you actually have a kitchen in your house

Sorry, I’ve moved on to greater things.

4. When you are in an area and you can’t find any street food plug

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Fix this, Oh God.

5. When your friends talk about going to fancy restaurants 

See you when I see you, abeg

6. You and the urge to fight the vendor over the quantity of food

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You don’t want to know your customers again abi?

7. When someone talks to you about the risk of food poisoning

I won’t get food poisoning in Jesus’s name.

8. When you eventually get food poisoning

Let me live to learn from my mistakes, God.

9. When you are down to your last 1k and all you can think of is how much food you can get with it

The game is the game.

10. When you convert a friend to the goodness of street food

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Welcome to the truth.

If you would like to know which street food you are, you should take this quiz.



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