If you recently scrolled through Twitter, you’ve probably seen Nigerians blowing hot after Tinu Erin, a UK-based foodpreneur shared pictures of Oreo puff-puff. How could she?

Anyway, I spoke with Tinu and Oreo puff-puff doesn’t even top the list of her crazy but successful puff-puff experiments.

Your Oreo puff-puff is driving Nigerians crazy at the moment. Why do you think so?

A lot of them haven’t seen or heard of Oreo puff-puff till now.

Relax, Oreo Puff Puff Isn’t Actually That Bad

What inspired the twist?

I like to experiment with cooking. Oreo puff-puff isn’t the craziest thing I’ve done with puff-puff. I’ve also made red velvet puff-puff, coconut puff-puff, kinder Bueno, etc. Lol. Food evolves, and there’s nothing wrong with experimenting once in a while.

I mean, if people can add pepper and onions to puff-puff, why can’t I add Oreos?

Fair point. Do you find regular puff-puff boring?

No, I don’t. I actually have a readymade puff-puff mix line with three flavours. I love puff whether it’s the regular one, chocolate or spicy—I’m here for all of it.

You might have to start a puff-puff fan club.

I’m on it.

Without giving away your full recipe, how does one make Oreo puff-puff?

It’s pretty much the same way you make regular puff-puff. Just before frying your batter, dip your Oreo cookies (or whatever you’re crazy enough to try) in the batter. Scoop it like you would regular puff-puff and make sure the batter covers the whole Oreo, and then fry.

Now I want to try it.

Please do, I promise it’s not that bad. Also, it slaps with ice cream.

I’ll be back with a review. So, if you had to break a Guinness World Record for puff-puff, what will that be?

I think a record I could break would be the number of unique puff-puff flavours I can think up and make.

What’s your hot take on Nigerian finger food?

We make the best finger food, no one can deny that. I feel like we need to experiment more and try new things. I wonder how people will react to my Asun spring rolls and Suya spring rolls.

I love the sound of Asun and Suya spring rolls.

It’s delicious.

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