If we can get you drunk with honey, just imagine the endless possibilities with it. Here are eight snacks you need to try with honey for the ultimate sweet tooth experience.

Honey and ice cream

The star of the show. Caramel is a pretty nice topping, but there’s something about the natural taste of honey and vanilla ice cream topped with crushed wafers that just works.

Honey and oatmeal

Pick honey over sugar next time you want to have oatmeal. The trick is to add more water to dissolve the thick honey paste. I promise you’ll never go back to sugar after this.

Honey and pancakes

I don’t get why people bother with syrup when honey exists. It’s much healthier than pancake syrup, so you don’t have to feel guilty pouring it all over your pancakes.

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Honey and Golden Morn

Don’t knock it till you try it Golden Morn and sugar with lots of milk is already a hit and you’ll only contest this if you’re a semo lover. But Golden Morn and honey? That’s something you need to try while snuggled in on rainy nights.

Honey and apples

Peanut butter and apples work as a midnight snack if you’re feeling peckish, but if you’re looking for something sweet, honey and apples are your go-to. And if you now blend that combo with cucumber, you’ll get a really nice smoothie as a breakfast meal.

Honey, Greek yoghurt and chopped fruits

Parfaits are already sweet because of the natural sugar in fruits. But if you’re a sweet tooth like me that wants to pretend to be fitfam and enjoy a sweet snack, add a teaspoon of honey to the yoghurt and thank me later.

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Honey and popcorn 

Regular salt and sugar popcorn can get pretty boring, so honey-flavoured popcorn has been my new addiction when I go to the cinema. The only place I’ve had one is at Grand Square in Abuja, so maybe try this homemade version?

Honey and puff puff

I don’t rate puff puff, but glaze it with honey and it becomes a 10. Bonus points if it’s chocolate or red velvet puff puff.

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