A Very Nigerian Pancake Recipe

April 15, 2019

Although pancakes are foreign to us, they’ve somehow become a staple in some Nigerian homes. Whether as breakfast or a snack.

No one is sure of how Nigerians got introduced to pancakes. But like suits and Christianity, it’s a very western import.

One of the best things about Nigerians is their ability to take anything and make it their own. Like with Jollof rice, for example, I bet there are Senegalese people out there who think Jollof originates from Nigeria. And so with pancake, Nigerians have managed to also make it their own. I talked to 6 Nigerians about how they make their pancakes and their answers were as Nigerian you can expect.

First of all for some context, here’s a regular pancake recipe.

The way oyibo people intended for it to be. Next up are 6 very Nigerian Pancake recipes.

Sikemi’s Recipe

I grew up with my mum making pancakes with pepper and onions. And now I just can’t have it any other way. In fact I didn’t even know you could make it any other way until I was in like SS3. I remember having the conversation with a group of ‘bubblers’. They called me razz for eating my pancakes with pepper and onions.

Adedoyin’s Recipe

I don’t think I have a particularly Nigerian way of making my pancakes. The only thing is I don’t know how to make it with powdered milk. Always has to be evaporated milk. You might think there’ll no difference in the taste but there always is.

Tomisin’s Recipe

I put crayfish in my pancakes. And no matter how many people tell me how disgusting and mad I am, I’ll continue to do so. It’s not even like you’ll notice it because I grind my crayfish very fine. I just have a crayfish problem it’s not like I expect it to be in pancakes. I put crayfish in everything from my indomie to my stew. Once it can be cooked on a stove, crayfish is going in there.

Nora’s Recipe

I hated pancakes for the longest time because they always tasted so bland to me. No matter what I paired it with. Whether it was with eggs or sausages or you use syrup to decorate the face. I just couldn’t stand it. That’s until my former housemate gave me pancakes with rodo in it. Since then its been my favourite snack.

Adeshola’s Recipe

I’ve heard some people add pepper and all sorts to their pancakes but me I just like it plain. I tend to put quite a lot of sugar though because I have a sweet tooth. I think the only difference between the way I make pancakes, and the way I’ve seen it made in like cooking shows and stuff is that I put a lot of water in it. Like I can put a drum of water because I like it to be very thin.

Ganiyat’s* Recipe

Please keep me anon o. But I like to put little bits of smoked fish in my pancakes. I’m a Hausa girl who grew up on masa and pancakes for me are a whole lot like masa. We used to eat masa with anything in my house. Fish o, meat o, chicken o. So when I got introduced to pancakes in uni I played around with the recipe a little and ended up loving a bit of fish in my pancakes.

*name changed.

How do you like your pancakes? What fun twist do you add to it that makes it as Nigerian as you?

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