If you don’t like ice cream, that’s a sign of advanced witchcraft. For the normal people, after a long, stressful day, any of these 5 flavours will do justice in calming your nerves. Just be sure to remember us when you’re enjoying.

1. Berry Berry Berry Good

A berry delicious mix of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry is the right mix of fruit flavours to provide the blast of energy and sweetness you need to go about your day as chipper as a fairytale woodland creature.

2. Milk and Cookies

Do you know what’s better than eating cookies with milk? Cookies and milk combined together to make a yummy, mouth-watering ice cream flavour that will definitely send you into a sugar rush — but in a good way.

3. Coffee

Everyone (coffee fans and non-coffee fans alike) are going to be lovestruck once they taste this delightful coffee-flavoured ice cream. Don’t miss out. Get into his indulgent caffeine boost.

4. Banana Caramel Crunch

Be prepared to move into the nearest ice cream shop with everything you own once you taste this heavenly blend of vanilla, almond, and banana because that’s all you’ll want to eat.

5. Chocolate Cake Batter

If, you’ve ever fantasised about sitting with a giant bowl of creamy chocolate cake batter and just stuffing your face with it, then this is the flavour for you. If there’s anything that’s batter than chocolate, it’s chocolate cake batter.

Cold Stone is bringing more love in the month of April with the new flavour – Chocolate Cake Batter. Treat yourself to some chocolate-y goodness today. You deserve it. Plus, you get FREE delivery when you order online. Get Chocolate Cake Batter via www.coldstonecreamery.ng/


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