Two Christmas celebrations ago, my IJGB friend (Dozie*) breezed into Lagos to spend one of his nights with me. Before then, he’d usually get excited whenever I shared pictures of suya or grilled turkey on my WhatsApp status, and every single time, our exchange would end with, “You must show me this life if I come Lagos o”.

Fast forward to the day we agreed to hang out, he got to the spot a few minutes earlier than I did (Lagos traffic na wa) and I told him to order before I got there. Tell me why I arrived to my IJGB friend battling creamy pasta and smoothie? *Criminally offensive bombastic side eye* If like Dozie you don’t know how to treat yourself at a Lagos nightlife spot, you should hold this list to your chest.

Goat meat pepper soup

Source: Sisi Jemimah

It’s unofficially the official Lagos nightlife meal, and honestly, I get it. Nothing beats the satisfaction of scooping broth with juicy meat pieces into your mouth and washing it with a long gulp of mortuary-cold beer.


Goat meat pepper soup is great but only when you don’t plan to down many bottles. That’s double work for your bladder and double trips to the restroom. But asun? The roasted goat meat sautéed in spicy habanero and red bell peppers comes in bite sizes that don’t fill you up too quickly. Be warned. You might find yourself ordering a dozen plates and spending more than you planned.

Pepper snails

Source: Low carbs Africa

This is probably the best way to enjoy snails. I don’t know what the secret recipe is at these night spots, but boy, do they get it right? The snails are big, juicy, spicy and soulfully flavoured. This might set you back several thousands sha.

Grilled turkey

Consider grilled turkey when you visit a nightlife spot with the potential LOYL or the IJGB friends you want to impress. They’re nice but expensive, with a piece selling for as high as ₦2500 – 3500.

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Suya’s versatility makes it my favourite on this list. Whether you’re looking to spend ₦500 or need a money-smart way to cater to a large gathering, it always delivers. And that’s not even the best part. With suya, you don’t have to go to a restaurant or bar. Just strike a badass deal with a random mai-suya on the streets.

Roasted bushmeat

Source: The Green Palace

Also known as eran igbe, you won’t find it at your regular nightlife spots, but best believe when you do, you’ll pay through your nose and it’ll be totally worth it. Eran igbe is premium meat known for its distinct taste, aroma and nutritional value. It’s mostly available in villages, and that’s why the best pairing for it is palm wine.

Roasted Grasscutter

This is another premium meat that’s hard or expensive to come by in the big cities. While you can also enjoy this with any drink of your choice, palm wine is where the true magic is.

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