Algae in My Food? Yuck!

September 25, 2019

There I was, minding my damn business, watching television to catch up on the news I might have missed during the day when I heard, “Algae is used in medicine, food, body lotion…”

You mean gutter water? Yes, biologist in the building, I know it’s an aquatic plant and yada yada but still-gutter water. How am I’m supposed to be fine with that?

All I see when I think of algae is that green, slimy looking, yucky stuff in gutters. That one that is the evil step-sister of the water lilies. That one that makes me cringe when I think of putting my feet into the water that it lives on.

If I can’t even put my feet in water that has algae in it, how dare anyone tell me that I actually drink it as yogurt or eat it as meat? I should have listened when I was told to stop eating processed food.

about to puke

I’m still tryna wrap my head around the fact that snail slime is a constant active ingredient in most body products and now I have to cope with algae in my cooking oil, body cream, drink and cereals?

But it’s true sha. If there’s one ridiculous thing I learned yesterday, it’s the fact that algae is actually good. Apparently, algae are used in the food industry as food supplements and an addition to functional food. Algae are also added to meat products, such as pasty, steaks, frankfurters and sausages, as well as to fish, fish products, and oils, to improve their quality. With 60 percent of algae made up of protein, scientists say that it is full of health benefits

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