Good day ladies and gentlemen of the jury. I am Lawyer Kunle Keating, and I stand before you distinguished fellows today on behalf of my clients Mr. Eba and Miss Okro soup who, for no cogent reason, have been ostracised and discriminated against, up to the point where they are generally excluded at parties. My arguments today will be eye-opening. Please pay attention.

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The case of my client Mr. Eba is a typical case of what happens when people become rich and abandon their old friends and previous destiny helpers. This is Mr. Eba who has served (and still continues to serve) humankind at very little cost. With only garri and hot water, Mr. Eba is summoned to enter belle and fulfil nutritutional purposes. Even when it is cold or two days old, Mr. Eba is still a knight in shining armour.

Why is it now that when humankind decide to throw major parties, they do not deem it fit to invite my client, Mr. Eba? Instead, they go after Lady Amala and Dr. Semo, people who do not seem to want to associate themselves with all and sundry?

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Or why is it that the only parties my client gets smuggled into are burial ceremonies and other events where you sometimes feel guilty for eating too much? Why is my client not served at wedding parties? What is it about my client that makes him unworthy for the AMVCA after party?

And now, to Miss Okro:

We live in a world where women are speaking up for their rights and working actively to dismantle the patriarchy. But it is rather sad that nobody is willing to take up the case of my dear client, Miss Okro who has been silenced even before she is able to speak.

Miss Okro is blessed with all the goodness one might ever need. She is unassuming, and even though she does not agree with certain members of the food community like Dr. Bread and Evangelist Rice, we can all agree that my client, Miss Okro, is a lady who rises by lifting others. An example is how she accommodates ponmo, beef, shaki, even bits of ugu or bitterleaf. How come these squatters get served at parties but my client is left behind? It is a clear case of somebody you taught in the exam scoring high while you, the teacher, fails woefully.

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Without further ado, my lord, I urge you to consider with grave urgency, the injustice, discrimination and sidelining that my clients have endured over the years. They only demand one simple thing: SERVE THEM AT PARTIES. Let guests feel the delight of their taste.

Before I close, I would like to ask everyone seated here one question: how would you feel if, by virtue of your qualities, you are denied a spot that belongs to you?


I, Kunle Keating stand before you today as a lawyer of the utmost integrity. My clients Mr. Eba and Miss Okro do not seek to persecute anybody. Rather, they demand for a seat at the table. Fairness and equity. My lord, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, shall we close our eyes and let injustice prevail?

As you take your decision, I leave you with the evergreen words of Martin Luther King Jr.: The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bend towards justice.

I rest my case.



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