Prices are up, from rent to transportation to food. It’s time to look for ways to spend wisely, so you can stay afloat. 

Let’s start with how to eat like you deserve to in this economy.

Live with your parents

Your parents might make you pay for your mental health, but there’ll always be rice at home, and you’ll eat more for less.

Work at a restaurant

Your place of work is where you get your daily bread. When you work at a restaurant, it’s extra true because you don’t have to wait for the end of the month for for that daily bread. You can get it straight from the oven every day. 

Buy a box of Domino’s pizza

If you order a medium classic pizza from the Domino’s Pizza app or website, it comes to you at 50% off, which means it’s basically free.

Live near your rich best friend

If you don’t have a rich best friend then get one. You don’t even have to live on the same street, the same state is just fine. This way, anytime hunger is about to eat you up from within, you can beg them to come see you and buy food on their way, or you could put a spoon in your back pocket and enter a bus to their house.

Move in with your partner

If you move in with your significant other, you’ve automatically cut your spending in half. 

Which means you should find love today.

Have no shame

It’s now survival of the fittest, so you need to throw the small shame you have in the gutters and prep your nose to smell out all types of delicacies. If your neighbour is cooking jollof rice, carry your plate and spoon over to their house and beg for a taste like your life depends on it because it does.

Become a food critic

We suggest you start by tasting and critiquing the food your friend who’s a chef makes. From there, you can tour restaurants. You’ll have to pay full price when you’re starting up, but if you believe in the dream — eating for free — before the end of the year, restaurants would start sending you free food or offering you meals “on the house” when you walk through their doors. This one is called long term planning.



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