Popular Nigerian swallows are popular because a lot of people talk about them and try to paint them good so that everybody likes them. But what about the other swallows that don’t make it into the limelight? This is a list of them.

1. Fufu (Akpu).

Fufu is one of the wonderful Nigerian swallows we have and it’s sad that this bad beesh does not get enough credit. Some people think it smells (someone once called it a swallow with body odour), but it’s probably because you people are eating the wrong type.

2. Wheat.

Wheat is a bomb ass swallow and I wonder why a lot of people don’t like it. Wheat goes well with any soup. And it’s nutritious too. So, what exactly is happening? Why is she not popular?

3. Pupuru.

Do you even know what that is? Pupuru is a delicacy that Ondo people (and a few others who love good food) know. Here’s how it is sold in the market:

You take it home, scrape off the back and get your flour out. Mad ass swallow.

4. Starch.

Photo: Dobby’s Signature

I won’t lie, I once did a bad mouth of this swallow. I called it ‘semo with palm oil added’, so yes, maybe I deserve cane. But now I have seen the light, and I am here to tell you that starch is an amazing swallow that needs to be spoken about more.

5. Tuwo.

Tuwo shinkafa - Naija Chef

Yes, it might be popular in the North and with northerners, but you do realize that a lot of people don’t exactly rate Tuwo, right?

6. Amala.

Amala (food) - Wikipedia

I love Amala, and I know you do too. But I saw a tweet where someone said Amala should be returned to the dustbin where it belongs and I knew that we had to improve Amala’s PR.

7. Semo.

A lot of people slander semo. A whole lot. And yes, I am one of them. Here’s my official slander: 7 Annoying Things About Making Semovita. So yes, semo activists need to do a better job.

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