JAMB result 2020 is out and it’s easy to guess that some people somewhere are struggling to control their nerves. Since we’ve all been there, this is a good time to do a post on how the release of the JAMB results messes with everyone’s mind. If you’ve written the JAMB UTME exam, chances are that you went through something that’s similar to this.

1. When you are living your best life and someone calls you to tell you that JAMB has released its UTME result

Jamb result 2020

Hay God!

2. When you feel how fast your heart is beating

Jamb result 2020

Calm down now!

3. When you remember that the computer system went off for a few minutes during the exam

Jamb result 2020

But my parents won’t understand this.

3. You, trying to remember if you went back to the question you skipped

How many questions did I skip sef?

4. When you remember all the veiled threats you’ve heard from your parents

Will they send me out of the house if I fail this exam?

5. When you realise that the worst-case scenario is that you will stay home for another year

But I won’t die if I spend a year at home.

6. You, hitting your friends up to confirm if they have checked their JAMB result

Please, what did you get?

7. When your parents ask you if you’ve checked your result 

You people should relax now.

8. When you‘re ready to check the result but the JAMB website won’t load

Jamb result 2020

This only means that I have failed.

9. When you finally log into your profile and click on the check result page

Please God!

10. You, looking at the screen as the page takes its time to come on

JAMB result 2020

Do fast now!

11. When you finally see your results and you got more than 200

Dia Fada! JAMB 2020 result is a goal!

12. When you tell your parents you passed and they tell you to start preparing for Post-UTME

JAMB result 2020

Someone cannot even win with you!

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