When the lecturer pairs you with people you don’t talk to

It stings more if two or more of your friends are in the same group.

When the group leader starts collecting phone numbers

You know what is coming; endless calls and texts.

When you get the “you’ve been added to a group” WhatsApp notification

It’s happening. You flirt with the “report as spam” and “leave group” ideas, but your grades.

When you see other groups working their asses off, but your group is still figuring out the best direction

You’ve had only one brief meeting, actually. Well, that sounds like the group leader’s problem.

When the group leader schedule a meeting for the weekend

Like don’t you have a life?

When you realise that you have to cough more money than you’d planned

You are not expecting money from home until the end of the month. Hello, brokeness. Well played, universe.

When it’s almost deadline and your group is nowhere close to being done

You couldn’t care less until you remember where your CGPA stands. Or maybe it wouldn’t be much problem; you only need to get 60 out of 70 in the exam now. Leemao.

When someone you didn’t see at any of the meetings show up for the presentation

Oh wait, a few extra bucks meant you wouldn’t have dealt with any of this? Who knew?


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