Convocation ceremony

The convocation ceremony is a pretty big event for everyone involved. For the graduates, it’s the official confirmation that they’re really done with the school. For parents, it’s the perfect day to show off their children’s intelligence to their friends. Anyway, as it is with everywhere there is a gathering of Nigerians, you will find different categories of people. This is a list of everyone you can expect to see at any Nigerian convocation ceremony:

The Unabashed Slayers

These people will die before they miss out on the chance to add something new to their closet, so the convocation is the perfect cover they need to go on a wild shopping spree. One of the primary reasons they’re at the ceremony is to show everyone that cares how great their style is. They’re only doing it once, they might as well do it right.

The Photo Enthusiasts

Sure, convocations are important events that need to be documented, but some people take this to another level. They’re at there to take a shitload of pictures to keep for future reference – whatever that means.

The Overly Excited Parents

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They’ve been looking forward to this day from the moment they started paying tuition. Now that their ‘God When’ prayers have been answered, they show no restraints and would go all out to show how excited they are. Also, they know that academics is out of the way, they can now focus o

The Grumpy Graduate

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They could care less about the convocation ceremony and what it signifies. As far as they re concerned, it’s a glorified secondary school valedictory service. The only reason they’re there is that their parents forced them to attend.

The Efikos

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They don’t even mean to, but they make others who didn’t graduate with a high-grade wonder why they came to the ceremony at all. Their name is on the Vice-Chancellor and everyone that matters lips, and everyone wants to shake them and pat them on the back for being geniuses.

The Tent Scouters

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These are still students of the school, but woe betides them if they don’t make themselves a part of the celebrations. They move in groups, making stops at different tents where the actual celebrants are, in the hopes that they will get packs of food and souvenirs. They don’t care if it’s a bad look on them; the game is the game.


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