If Nigerian psychology students wrote a book about their experience studying psychology in Nigerian universities, best believe it would be a hit. That book will be packed with hilarious situations involving lecturers and other students that will make you go “Say what now”? Now that I’m thinking of it may be the book should be written.

For now, read this list and get a glimpse into some of the most ghetto things Nigerian psychology students have to deal with;

1. People asking if you can read minds.

zikoko- Nigerian psychology students

Psychology students legit get asked the dumbest questions. How will anyone expect someone else to read minds when jazz or the power of the Holy Ghost is not involved?

2. People shitting on the course because it’s not real science.

zikoko- Nigerian psychology students

The discrimination is real my people. It’s the real ghetto and Ms. Biological Science wastes no time in reminding psychology that she is nothing but fancy and deep conjecture. *wipes tears*

3. People asking dumb questions like “Can you tell what I am thinking?”

zikoko- Nigerian psychology students

No, but I can tell that you haven’t used your brain in a while that’s why you are asking questions in the nonsense like this.

4. People asking dumb questions like so can you hypnotize me?

zikoko- Nigerian psychology students

If I had hypnosis powers you think I would not have hypnotized by way out of Nigeria?

5. People saying “so you’ll work in a psychiatric hospital?”

Yes, and you will obviously have to be my first client.

6. Hatred for SPSS.

Oh that software that suddenly made psychology look a lot like Maths. People study courses like psychology so that the only time they have to deal with numbers is when counting money. But no, SPSS brings all the maths back in. Talmabout regression analysis and whatnot.

7. All the questionnaires we have to print for final year project.

And after spending all your money doing 400 copies for the first stage, you’ll now carry them like Jehovah witness going door to door begging people to have mercy on you and full the questionnaires.

8. The constant reference to Sigmond Freud.

You hear him in the first year, they bring him into more conversations in the second year, you continue referencing him in the third year and by final year you draft a project topic with his name in it.

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