There are over 100 universities in the country, but there are myriads of things students across these institutions will collectively relate to. Find some of them in this post:

1. Cooking in your hostel room, even though you know it’s against the rules 

The porters will be all right oh 

2. Calculating the number of classes you have to attend before you can write the exam

issa rae ielts Zikoko

That 80% attendance rule is the ghetto 

3. Making an impromptu decision not to go to an 8 am class because you can’t get yourself out of bed

The game is the game!

4. Going to a lecture and getting distracted after 5 minutes

Tbh, this is not totally your fault.

5. Making plans to get your grades up at the beginning of the semester and giving up after 3 weeks 

Why should you bother when your lecturer has told you that only God can get an A in his course?

6. Starting an assignment you’ve been sitting on for weeks a day before the deadline 

Fingers typing fast.

7. Giving up on studying and going to sleep instead 

Sleep is for the living

8. Checking the exam timetable and finding out that a compulsory course has clashed with an elective

The worst!

9. Channelling your inner superhuman and learning cramming  your entire course material on the night before the exam 

All vibes.

10. Getting swarmed with work and wondering if the degree is actually worth the trouble

We’ve all been here. Stay in school oh.



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