Dates can be super expensive, and sometimes money is being saved for other things. That’s why we created a list of six fun and cheap activities you can do with your partner. 

Cook together 

Both of you should go to the market and buy ingredients to cook your favourite meals. That way, you learn how to make something your partner adores in the way they love it, and you don’t have to buy food that day. Play some music while in the kitchen and have an impromptu karaoke session with plantain as your microphone. 

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Help your partner move 

A moving date can be many things, from helping them repaint the walls to arranging the furniture. You find things in their boxes that allow you learn new things about them. If your partner’s love language is acts of service? They’d enjoy this even more.

Bind and cast your enemies 

If your partner cares about you, they’d ensure your enemies are no longer after you. That’s why binding and casting dates are essential. You help each other secure your futures while keeping your enemies at bay. 

Reading date 

You can either read each other’s favourite book or pick a new book to read. When something ridiculous happens, you can share your excitement with them. Once you’re done reading, you both can talk about the book. 

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Buy two identical puzzles and set a timer. Whoever finishes first wins. It’s healthy competition, and a prize can even be attached. Puzzles aren’t that expensive, and as you both try to sabotage each other, you’ll get a few laughs out of the situation or even declare war. The choice is yours.

Scary movie night 

Buy like 5 GB of data and bingewatch a bunch of scary movies neither of you has seen. The twist is that you both try to predict the characters that’ll survive and which ones will die. The movies are less scary this way, and you find yourself rooting for certain characters. 

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