It’s good for you and your partner to have no secrets between each other, but it’s even better if these are the secrets you’re choosing to keep from them. Because these are secrets you should definitely tell your partner. 

That you eat semo 

Eating semo is a thing of shame and you should be too embarrassed to even eat it. Why then is that something that should be shared with a significant other? What if they stop loving you? Please, abeg. 

How many slices of bread you can eat

Bread is the best thing ever and that’s why you don’t just divulge how much of it you can consume in a single sitting. It’s a spiritual journey and should be experienced by you and you alone. Take that secret to your grave.

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That you call garri “cassava flakes”

We are embarrassed for you, and we’re sure anybody you’re dating will be too, if they find out. Save yourself the embarrassment and carry it to your grave. 

What episode you’re watching in a TV show

Either they spoil it for you or they make you wait for them so they can catch up and you’d watch together. But they never catch up and you lose interest. 

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If you have pictures of yourself in “Ama Kip Kip” T-shirts

They’d never look at you the same way again. Because once they set their eyes on those pictures, they’d laugh as if they were sprayed with laughing gas. 

If you’re ticklish 

If they have this useful information, you’ll never win a pillow fight again. The moment you start to win, they’ll tickle you like they want to end your life. Protect yourself and stay guiding. 

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