Ultimate Love Day 25 Recap: Reshuffling the Love Guests

March 5, 2020

Welcome to the daily Ultimate Love recap. Ultimate Love is the hottest reality show in town, and we’ll be giving you a recap of all the drama, the awwns and the ehyas. Stick around!

This is not everything that happened on Ultimate Love day 25. In fact, this is everything that did not happen on day 25. Let me explain: Ultimate Love got a little boring on day 25, so I decided to do something a little fun: I (not Aunty) reshuffled the love guests.

Aunty can ask these Love Guests whether they’re interested in swapping from now till kingdom and their answers will still be NO! I put it to you that a lot, if not all of them are liars. Dirty liars!

Quick reminder that as of day 25, we have 10 couples in the Ultimate Love Love Pad:

  • Chiddy and Sylvia – Chivia
  • Jerry and Meriton – Jervia
  • Jay and Nkechi – JayKech
  • Iyke and Theresa – Iykeresa 
  • Bolanle and Arnold -Bolar 
  • Obi and Ebi – ObiEbi
  • Presh and David -PreshDavid 
  • Chris and ChrisVille -DoubleChris
  • Jenny Koko and Louis -Jelo
  • Rosie and Kachi – RoKsie 

Here’s my own list, and I don’t want to hear pim!

Iyke and Sylvia:

Like a lot of them, they met at the audition and thought they’d be together in the house, but Sylvia came in late. Now that they’re in the house together, they stay out of each other’s way because the chemistry is still very much there. They hate to see it, but I really wanted these two to scam me.

Rosie and David:

I’m only doing this for Rosie’s sake, not because they are exactly a great match. Maybe Rosie would finally “heal” from this heartbreak and let us hear word. Abeg.

Presh and Jerry:

Out of the three girls Jerry had his eyes on the moment he entered, its Presh he still can’t keep his hands off. Presh has gotten more hugs than Sylvia and Meriton combined together will ever get from Jerry. A ship David denied us. 

Theresa and Louis:

Whether Iykeresa’s fans wants to hear this or not, Louis is the guy Theresa really wanted. He’s the only one she can be herself around. Home girl misses Louis so much.

Obi and Chris:

Obi was a much better man when he was with Chris, before Ebi snatched him with fasting and prayers. 

Ebi and Chidi:

I’m doing this for Ebi’s mental well being; I don’t see Chidi manipulating her emotionally like Obi does. We need to see the sweet and fun loving Ebi without an Obichukwu to choke her.

Bolanle and ChrisVille:

Since I’m unable to pair Bolanle with the love of her life, the kitchen, I dash her ChrisVille. 

Meriton and Kachi:

Both Meriton and Kachi are in emotionally abusive relationships with their partners, so let’s give Merkach a chance, shall we? 

Arnold and JennyKoko:

We know Arnold is here for the game. Trust me, he’ll be fine with anyone, even if it’s one of Aunty’s butlers. Jenny too would finally stop giving Louis grief for being his second choice. Win win for all.

Jay and Nkechi:

I’m not even going to touch Nkechi’s Jay because that one still insists on checking out if they take Nkechi away from him. I don’t like wahala, please.

Jay and his watermelon.

Every day at 5 pm, we’ll publish a new update on this show – complete with the drama, the awwns and the ehyas. You can read old updates, predictions and analysis here. Stick around!


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