If we’re keeping it one hundred, every character on House of the Dragon is annoying AF. While Game of Thrones had Daenerys Targaryen, House of the Dragon doesn’t have any character I can root for so far, and yes, Rhaenerys is annoying too. 

These are 10 characters, including an inanimate object I can’t stand on House of the Dragon.

10. Vhagar

Honestly, fuck this bloody dragon. Where’s the loyalty? Laena’s grilled bones weren’t even cold at the bottom of River Niger when this dragon bent down to allow Aemond to climb her. Just small speaking in tongues and Vhagar lost guard. No shame at all. 

9. The dreadlock wigs 

Since no one wants to say it, let me grab the mic real quick and call out House of the Dragon for doing its black characters dirty. Look at these kids; it’s bad enough that their father married their cousin the day after their mother was buried. Do they also deserve these atrocious back-of-pot sponge wigs? It’s just wickedness at this point. 

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8. Aegon Targaryen 

I don’t know if it’s because he looks like the other annoying guy from Stranger Things or that he just reminds me of Joffery Lannister. Either way, I can’t stand Aegon II. His face annoys me, and even though I haven’t read the books, I know his character will be shit, so I’m hating in advance. 

7. Viserys I Targaryen 

If Viserys makes it to the next episode, I’ll have no choice but to rewrite this article and make him number one. Don’t get me wrong, Viserys is a stand-up guy — as long as you’re willing to forget the time he opened his wife open like a Christmas turkey, but my beef with him is his refusal to die. 

Sir, your mates are unalive, follow their lead and let us rest. Out here looking like stockfish every week. 

6. Lord Corlys Velaryon 

Westerosi Idris Elba has gotten more annoying as House of the Dragon has progressed. His initial motivation in getting the throne for his wife, Princess Rhaenys felt feminist AF. But after watching him attempt to turn his daughter into a child bride, I’ve seen him in a new light and my loyalties have shifted. 

5. Larys Strong 

Linda Ikeji of Westeros. Gossip Girl, the first. Honestly, any man who spends his time doing amebo — even if it’s his job — will always be irritating to me. Larys Strong reminds me of two characters I didn’t like from Game of Thrones, Lord Baelish and Varys. 

4. Daemon Targaryen 

I love a messy bitch who lives for drama, but Daemon Targaryen’s wahala is too much. You must always find him anywhere people are fighting or losing their wives. Even God rested on the seventh day, sir. 

3. Princess Rhaenyra 

I love Riri Baby, but this babe has been annoying this season. Sis, everybody cheats, this is Lagos Westeros. But what happened to cheating with decorum? The fact that everyone knows the other dragon you’re riding at night is a problem. And even though sprinkles of incest are encouraged between the Targaryens, I just can’t get over her thing with Daemon. Eww. 

Anyway sha, shout out to Rhaenyra for being an LGBTQ+ ally. Love to see it. 

2. Ser Criston Cole 

Ser Criston Cole deserves to be at the top of this list, but I refuse to put him at the top of anything in life. This is the type of man that’ll claim to hate his ex in public but still spend time liking their picture from 2012 on the low. Why is Rhaenyra living rent-free in your head, ser? You’re not the first to chop breakfast. Abeg, rest. 

1. Queen Alicent 

It’s hard to watch House of the Dragons and not hate Alicent. Okay, your friend had a hot girl summer boning her sexy bodyguard and almost — emphasis on ALMOST — climbing her equally hot uncle while you had to sleep with a white walker every night. Is that enough reason to beef her for over ten years? 

Even though I sometimes get where she’s coming from about loyalty to the crown blah blah blah. Alicent has a serious case of bad belle, and I cannot stand for it. Weyrey dey disguise.

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