Nigerian babes believe in diversifying their hearts to allow for multiple streams of affection. How do you know if your girlfriend is doing that? If she does any of these suspiciously romantic things, you have your proof that she is cheating.

1. When she does something wrong and actually apologises.

She used all her energy to argue with her side piece. She is cheating.

2. When she decides to treat you to a fancy date.

She’s feeling guilty about something. Don’t fall for that.

3. When she tells you about a new restaurant to try out.

How did she discover the place if not through her side piece? She is definitely cheating.

4. When she buys you random, thoughtful gifts.

She’s trying to blind you with affection. Guy, wake up.

5. When she comes back from an outing and starts loving up on you.

It’s leftover horniness from cheating on you.

6. When she offers to cook for you.

What woman offers to cook for a man if not that she is feeling guilty for cheating?

7. When you complain about being broke and she credits your account.

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She is overcompensating for something. That babe is cheating.

8. When you meet her best friends and they are all girls.

She’s hiding the man. That babe is cheating on you.

9. When her friends act nice to you.

They are definitely covering up for her. She is cheating.

10. When she posts you on social media.

She is using that one to get your guard down. Dig deep, you’ll see that she is cheating.

11. When she calls you affectionate pet names.

She doesn’t want to accidentally call you the wrong name. That woman is definitely cheating.

12. When she tries something new in bed with you.

Her side nigga taught her that. She is cheating.

13. When she tells you her phone passcode.

She has cleared all evidence of her cheating so you won’t find out.

14. When she says yes to your marriage proposal.

She knows that being married is a good cover for bad behaviour. She wants to cheat forever.

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