If you watch adult cartoons, you’re really cool, ‌but there are some certain favourites that say a lot about who you are as a person. Read on to find out. 

1. Archer

Archer is no one’s favourite, but if it’s yours — just like the main character — instead of working for your mum, you still live with her. And to be honest,I don’t blame you; things are hard. You’re a super nerd and your favourite show is The Office

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2. Bojack Horseman

You’re depressed and also very annoying, but people still like you a lot. Everyone around you is used to you joking about your trauma. You can be very irresponsible, but you’re charming, so everyone lets you off the hook.

3. Daria

If you watched Daria, you’re always the coolest person in the room. Growing up, a lot of adults definitely didn’t like you because you always spoke your mind and you sometimes feel ‌you were born in the wrong generation. You also have very niche interests. 

4. Brickleberry 

You don’t want to make heaven. Bonus point: if you also watch Paradise PD, you want your casket to be hand-delivered to hell. I respect your decision oh, but if you currently feel like all your mother’s prayers aren’t working, it’s because you like Brickleberry. 

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5. The Boondocks

Your favourite character is Huey, which means you’re a Nigerian who constantly tweets about racism and talks about being a liberal from Iyana Ipaja. Or you like  Uncle Ruckus, and you believe ‌black people can be racist.

6. Family Guy

You’re always bored, and you watch Family Guy to help you relax and you’re either really young or super old. Also very broke. You also have daddy issues, but who doesn’t?

7. Big Mouth

You definitely peaked in high school and you’re probably still friends with many people from  secondary school. You also make a lot of annoying sex jokes even though you’re single to stupor. 

8. Rick and Morty

You’re funny because you always think you’re the smartest person in the room because you like a lot of science shows and movies. But no, you’re not. You also have a God complex but use humour to cope with how bad your life turned out.  

9. Love Death &Robots

You’re pretentious; you like cartoons, but you watch Love, Death & Robots to feel like an “adult”.. Your favourite episodes are Ice Age and Alternate Histories. Try to allow yourself to enjoy things you like. 

10. Inside Job

If you like Inside Job, you’re cool and most likely GenZ. You have either extensively researched the Mandela effect at a point in your life or you live for conspiracy theories. Either way, you have good taste. 

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