After three long months, Real Housewives of Lagos is over, and we don’t know what to do with ourselves anymore. The spin-off of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise was a massive hit that introduced Nigerians to the dramatic and opulent lives of its six titular characters. We all picked faves as the show progressed, but what does our choice of housewife say about us on a deeper level? 

Let’s find out. 

Laura Ikeji-Kanu

Sis, not only do you love drama, YOU ARE THE DRAMA. In your friend group, you’re the one person who has fought with everyone else. You love attention and won’t stop until you get it, whether or not you ruin the vibe for everyone else. However, as much as your friends secretly hate you, they can’t do without you. Your wahala is the only fun thing they have going on in their lives; without it, they’d be bored to death. 

Chioma Ikokwu 

People either hate or love you; there’s no in-between. You have everything from the looks to the money and style, and you know you’re the shit. Your confidence is great, but sometimes, it prevents you from taking accountability for your fuck ups. In your friend circle, you’re the one who always shows up for a hangout two hours late and without a reasonable explanation. Do better, sis!

Caroline/Carol/Carolyna Hutchings 

You’re the queen of your little kingdom, and no one can tell you shit about it. You’re borderline narcissistic, but there’s a sweet side to you very few people have access to. There’s also a high chance you’ve rebranded so many times that most of your friends can’t even spell your name correctly. You seem calm and proper, but when someone messes with you, you’re not above dragging them and their family (especially their family). 

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Iyabo Ojo 

Honestly, you’re unproblematic. You know your head is not alright, so you avoid fighting with people before you remove their eyelashes. Your definition of a good time is instigating fights between your friends so you can grab popcorn and enjoy the drama. Even though everyone knows you will open their bumbum in public, they still feel comfortable sharing their deepest darkest secrets with you. You love a good time and hate it when Gen Zs greet you with “Sir”, “Ma”, or “Aunty”. Ewww. 

Toyin Lawani 

At the core of everything, you’re a good person. You used to fight up and down back in the day, but you’ve calmed down. After all your years of “hard guy, hard guy”, you’re finally in love, and you won’t let anyone around you rest. It’s adorable. Do you want to know your biggest flaw? It’s the fashion, sis. What’s going on? You keep dressing like a cross between a fine arts project and a disney villain. 

Mariam Timmer 

Your motto is “Chop life, make life no chop you“. All you care about is good vibes and a good time, but your friends are always fighting. Because of these problematic friends, you’ve picked up the habit of creating your own drama so that you’re not excluded. No one remembers what you’re shouting about, sis. Pipe down… There’s a high chance anything anyone thinks they’ve done, you’ve done it already and added extra because you’re wild AF!

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