Big Brother Naija fans know how much of a roller coaster the show is, you’re either in too deep or just unbothered. Here’s a list of some intense emotions Big Brother Naija fans go through.

1. Picking a fav to stan.

Nonfans don’t realize just how much thought, prayers, and observation goes into this process. Picking a fav is like picking a partner; you will be picking the person you will be fighting for on the TL and the person whose picture you will use as DP going forward.

2. When you come online and see someone misyarn about your fav.

zikoko - Big Brother Naija Fans

If I insult this one now they will say I am rude. Let’s all be guided please.

3. When you see your favorite ship loving up.

zikoko - Big Brother Naija Fans

God bless and protect this union in Jesus name.

4. When the ship sinks.

zikoko - Big Brother Naija Fans

After all the emotional investments I have made into this ship, you mean to say all the “awww’s” count for nothing?

5. When your fav misyarns.

zikoko - Big Brother Naija Fans

Just look at somebody I was planning to use 10% of my salary to vote for. Somebody I have blocked 2 friends and one family member for.

6. When it’s voting time and your fav is up for eviction.

zikoko - Big Brother Naija Fans

You campaigning for votes and badgering your followers to vote for your fav.

7. When other housemates in the BBNaija house come for your fav.

zikoko - Big Brother Naija Fans

I give you one more week in that house and you will come home.

8. When you’ve been watching all day and you just go to the bathroom for 5 minutes and come back to see that a table has been broken or your ship has sank.

Can somebody explain to me in clear points why this drama couldn’t happen while I was watching?

9. When a house mate you don’t like is in the dairy room. 

What a waste of camera resources.

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