Whoever said Nigerian parents don’t watch movies has definitely not met the real Nigerian parents. Sure, they’re always going to act like they don’t care about movies, but there are some movies that they NEVER stop watching. Raise your hand if you find your parents choice here.

1. Home Alone.

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Night after night, this CD was played. Usually, they’ll act like they don’t care, but when the funny scenes come in, they are laughing with you.

2. Drunken Master (and every movie Jackie Chan featured in, if we’re being honest.)

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Especially when they made the Yoruba version that year. LMAO.

3. Basically, every Van Damme movie.

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4. Baby’s Day Out.

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Do we even need to say more?

5. Rush Hour.

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Also featuring Jackie Chan. That’s it, that’s the post.

6. Terminator.

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Sarah Connor and her family suffered in the hands of Nigerian parents. Especially the fathers.

7. Anything that has Eddie Murphy in it.

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No cap.


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I don’t know about your own parents, but mine watched this movie until I almost cried. Night after night as soon as the generator was turned on.

9. Titanic.

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The Jack and Rose love story reminded some of them of their own love story. You know, poor guy, girl from rich background.

10. Blade.

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This genesis of vampire stories. Let’s just thank God that we’ve grown.


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I sometimes feel sorry for Arnold Schwarzenegger whenever I think of the number of times my parents saw this movie.

12. Bruce Lee movies.

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Did you ever think we would forget Bruce Lee? (Yoruba kids here will know this gist: Ishan lo pa Bruce Lee).

13. Anything by Jet Li.

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The master of film tricks himself. Nigerian parents know this too, but that didn’t stop them from watching. Talk about being addicted.

14. EVERYTHING by Mr. Bean.

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There’s no argument about this.


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