If you know anything, it’s the fact that Nigerian nurses are honestly not the best of people. It would appear that their sole purpose in this life is to bring you fear and sadness. If you have the following character traits, just know that you’re Nigerian nurse material.

1. You’re rude

If you are naturally rude without even trying, congratulations because you’re already halfway to being a Nigerian nurse.

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2. You like to gossip 

If you’re more likely to be caught discussing Nurse Titi’s flirting with doctors, you have a high chance of being a Nigerian nurse.

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3. You enjoy being wicked

If wickedness is your middle name or you’re a Nigerian woman, then this profession is perfect for you.

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4. You have big bum bum

It’s like they measure your bum bum at the nursing school before they admit.

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5. You like seeing people cry.

If someone crying makes blood rush through your veins, just go and enrol in nursing school.

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6. Your side hustle is selling soft drinks

You’ll need this skill when you start selling drinks to sick patients and force them to use their medicine with it.

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7. You enjoy seeing other people in pain

If the thought of people crying out in pain after you’ve injected their buttocks is making you happy.

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8. If your hands are painfully hard

If your hands are more painful than the injection, you’ve chosen the right profession.



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