It’s almost impossible to make Nigerian fathers happy. Swim through seven shark-infested oceans and a Nigerian father can ask you if your friend who swam through eigh oceans has two heads. If you think telling your father you love him will make him happy, you’re in for a rude shock. Lucky for you, there are a couple of things you could do to make your Nigerian father happy.

1. Barb your hair low and shave your beard

Guide in Choosing Shavers For Black Bald Heads – Cove Paddle Fitness

If you grew up with a Nigerian father, you should already know this one. He will disguise his happiness with “Ehen! Look at yourself. Don’t you look responsible?”

2. Graduate with a First Class

What’s better than graduating with a First Class? No Nigerian father can resist this.

3. Blow

It doesn’t matter that your father fought you over your music/acting career. Once you blow, the story becomes “I have always believed in you.” You might even be able to smoke igbo in your music videos and in front of him without having any issues.

4. Get a masters

If you couldn’t manage to graduate with a First Class, get a masters. He might just sneak in a “I’m proud of you” comment one day.

5. Get a PhD

A chance to tell his friends that his child is now a Dr. even though you never went to medical school? He might burst from happiness.

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