1. Playing with sand in the name of “Mummy and Daddy”:

Even though you could never even really eat the food.

2. When you fail ordinary exam and it’s like the world has ended.

Are you the furst?

3. Going to night class to study like our lives depended on it:

Maybe it did…but just look at now. Look at.

4. The way you dressed for your first job interview:

Trying to confuse them into hiring you.

5. Calling this “blow blow”:

6. How you fought to sit next to that new classmate that just came from jand:

7. Then all your stationery mysteriously goes missing so you have to borrow everything from that classmate because theirs is from jand.

8. The way you begged your parents to get you this pair of sneakers:

9. Filling this with sand so you could use it as a cellphone:

10. When someone who isn’t in your group is trying to play with you:

11. Your list of noisemakers when it was finally your turn to write it:

12. When they say, “Make a big circle”, and you replied with, “Like your mother’s cooking pot”…

…and then fought over whose mother’s cooking pot it was…SMH

13. This plastic doll that caused too much wahala because they all looked the same:

14. Sharing a stick of Goody Goody and fighting over who got the bigger half.

15. Pretending to faint during Inter-house sports just so you can get some Glucose D.

16. Sneaking this into school to prove that you have “chopped liver”.

17. Writing your name inside your pen just so no one can steal it…

…but they always did!

18. Hiding your classwork so no one can copy you…

…but have we all not finished school like this?

And now, if you’re #TeamNatural, this is your life in 22 photos:



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