1. So your new year resolution was to save plenty money in 2017 so you can turn up in December.

2. And that means you have to open a new bank account that you can’t touch anyhow.

3. Then you get to the bank and the machine at the door keeps sending you back.

4. Now you have to start saying ‘Amatyourback’ because the queue at the bank looks like this:

5. Next thing, the teller asks you to bring N500,000, one fat red goat, and the blood of a 7-year-old crocodile to open a savings account.

6. So you have to borrow a pen to fill the request forms about all your family members.

7. After all the wahala, the banker says you have to wait for two weeks before your account gets activated.

8. On top of it, they kuku remove N500 service charge from the account you just opened.

9. That’s not all o, you still have to wait for one whole month to get your ATM card:

10. When you finally realise you don’t have to go through all that wahala on Alat.ng.

11. You, when you get that 10% interest on your Alat.ng savings at the end of the year!

Really and truly! All you need to open a bank account on Alat.ng – Nigeria’s first digital bank- is a smart-phone and internet! No wuru-wuru service charges and queuing wahala. Head to Alat.ng to learn more!


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