Blac Chyna is the greatest petty goals of all time. She was dating and had a baby with 26 year old American rapper, Tyga, who dumped her for 18 year old Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner was still underaged (17 years old) when she first started dating Tyga.

She was BFFs with Kim Kardashian until Tyga began dating Kylie.

And Kim didn’t say pim!

As a sharp babe, Blac Chyna sipped her tea and went on to date Kim and Kylie’s brother, Rob Kardashian.

And after 4 months of dating, the couple recently got engaged. If they ever have children, she will be the only woman to continue the Kardashian bloodline. And the only black Kardashian as much as Kylie tries. LOL Here are 13 ways to be petty, Blac Chyna style:

1. If someone snatches your bae, marry their sibling, God no go vex.

2. If your boyfriend breaks up with you, just go and marry his brother.

3. When the pastor preaches against you in church, don’t put money in the offering box.

4. When someone in church says they know why you’re single and it’s because you won’t submit to a man, and submission is of God. Don’t worry, just steal their own boo.


5. When someone keeps calling you fat, don’t even get mad. Just steal all their food and eat everything of course.

6. Become best friends with your ex’s new bae because you are petty like that.

7. When someone starts preaching in the Danfo, plug your headphones and start singing Princess Vitarah’s “Naija Pussy” really loud.

8. When your boss thinks they’re the new Patience Ozokwor, use the office internet to download torrent files of all the seasonal movies of the past, present and future.

9. When someone begs for “small Jollof rice”, count 10 grains of rice and give it to them. They kuku asked for small rice.

10. When someone throws shade at you on Twitter, send SubDeliveryMan receipts about them.

11. If someone refuses to borrow you something you asked them for, steal it. Since they want to act childish.

12. When your ex gets dumped by the person they left you for, throw a party. Oh and invite the new ex to the party.

Now go forth and be petty Blac Chyna style. LOL


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