Donald Trump is one of the most controversial politicians in the world, notorious for making several eyebrow-raising comments like this:
Are these comments ridiculous? Yes Do these comments sound strange?  Let’s find out.

1. When Donald Trump mocked a journalist’s disability during a live broadcast.

People’s struggles mean nothing to Trump and this hits really close to home. How? Adams Oshiomole, former NLC leader and governor of Edo state asked a widow to “Go and die” while she knelt and begged.

2. When Trump said “Even if the world goes to hell in a hand basket, I won’t lose a penny.”

This comment is so Nigerian, we can totally relate it to the Lamido of Adamawa’s outburst during the national conference of 2014. He said he would simply move to the Cameroun end of his kingdom if Nigeria ever breaks. Not so foreign now, abi?

3. Donald Trump certainly brags like a Nigerian politician.

Actually, he brags like a leader famous among Nigerians for making films of his ‘political achievements’. Yes, he is Rochas Okorocha and his comments were “Any day you hear that PDP brought money with pick-up, tell me so that I will bring money with trailer”.

4. Donald Trump loves to fight dirty and very publicly.. just like politicians in our country.

He is so Nigerian, he knows just how perfectly to bash people on social media. Just Like PDP spokeman and renowned lawyer, Femi Fani-Kayode, who openly called former governor, Rotimi Amaechi, a little monkey among other unfriendly names.

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5. When Trump blamed the victims of the Paris attack for not being armed.

Rather than take responsibility for the badly planned NIS interview of 2014, Internal affairs minister, Abba Moro, blamed the victims for the stampede that resulted in loss of lives.

6. When Donald Trump called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers.
We may not have racism but tribalism lives very well in Nigeria. Femi Fani-Kayode wrote an unapologetic, tribalist article in 2013 against the Igbos. Upon criticism of his article, he made a quick reference to his past relationship with Bianca Ojukwu.

Donald has been nominated as the most African presidential candidate in the United States.

We are sure he will represent and make for a typical Nigerian politician. We also nominate him as the most Nigerian presidential candidate of all.


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