This is the part 2 of our series on haters. You can check the first part here, you’re welcome!

1. This guy that’s flying on the wings of an eagle.

2. Just look at his IJGB pose.

3. Haters will say he’s not the biggest boy in town.

4. This guy is basically chilling at the feet of Jesus.

5. When Adekunle Gold wanted to famz Chrissy Teigen by force.

6. How you pose when you want the world to know you’ve been to the Eiffel Tower.

7. When Rihanna got a new toaster.

8. Because she was having relationship problems with her boyfriend.

9. See how paparazzi were disturbing Keri Hilson and her “face cap” wearing boyfriend on the red carpet.

10. Just look at her interesting photoshoot with The Game.

11. See how they’re looking up to heaven together.

12. When you realise eating beans won’t make you tall.

13. That time Drake had to take a Danfo.

14. When she became a fitfam member.

15. When Adekunle Gold took a creepy shower with KIm K.


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