Self-Isolate With Family

If someone had told you at the beginning of 2020 that in 3 months, you’d be locked indoors (and forced to spend time) with your family for months on end due to a killer virus, you’d have called them a liar and sworn that that was the plot of a bad M. Night Shyamalan thriller.

Look at you now, forced to be indoors with your family due to a killer virus, just like a bad M. Night Shyamalan thriller.

Just so you know, being cooped up with your family doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. There are things that can be done to ensure that parents and children emerge from this self-isolation without having pulled each other’s hair out. Here are 5 steps to make that happen.

1) Give each other space.

For families whose members are used to going off solo to do their own thing, having to spend time together this period could be difficult. Alone time is important because people need their personal space to mentally recharge.

2) Set a routine

Have everyone come together to plan activities that the family can do together. It may be daily dinners where everyone gets the chance to say whatever, group workouts, or movie nights. Whatever works for y’all.

3) Stay in touch

As important as personal space is, connecting with family members during planned group activities (e.g family dinner) is vital. The same also goes for friends. Reach out and connect with friends over social media.

4) Be truthful

Contrary to popular belief in many Nigerian homes, having conversations about fears and anxieties (about the virus and life after it) is important. If it’s something that you feel would make things better for you (and you’re comfortable sharing), then speak your mind.

5) Learn from the experience

It’s funny to think of but a lot of parents, while in self-isolation, are going to finally realize that they know nothing about their own children and vice versa. Take this time to know your kid(s)/parent(s) better so when all this is over and life retains some semblance of normalcy, your relationship will be stronger.

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Wait. It gets better.

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Self-Isolate With Family



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