This year’s Ojude Oba Festival has again broken the internet with steeze-worthy pictures and videos of colourful outfit displays and horse-riding.

But one thing caught our attention even when serving looks, the “Yoruba mummy” face comes through. We have evidence.

The “Mind yourself” face

The face she makes when you say something stupid, but she’s giving you the chance to right your wrongs.

Trouble ranking: 3/10

The “You now know more than me” face

When you tell her it’s “WhatsApp”, not “Wuzzup”

Trouble ranking: 5/10

Image: ariyocreates

The “Is this child okay?” face

When you actually collect food from Mummy Dare because she told you to “collect jor”.

Trouble ranking: 25/10

Image: theayoadams

The “I trained you better than this” face

When you walk past her and her group of friends without kneeling or prostrating properly.

Trouble ranking: 15/10

Image: theniyifagbemi

The “Wait till we get home” face

When you do something stupid in public, but she’s maintaining her composure till you both get home.

Trouble ranking: 10/10

Image: fotonugget

The “You will see pepper” face

When she catches you picking money sprayed at the owambe and hiding it inside your pocket.

Trouble ranking: 30/10

Image: fotonugget

The “You want to beat me?” face

When she flogs you and you hold the cane.

Trouble ranking: Unlimited.

Image: fotonugget

Bonus: The “I can’t believe my ears”

When you tell your Ijebu dad you want a “small wedding”.

Trouble ranking: 1000000

Image: theniyifagbemi


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