Bet You Didn’t Know The GOtv App Could Do All Of These.

September 4, 2019

Who else is having a great September? Salaries just got paid, times are looking good you know.

What if we told you there could be an extra layer of icing on this September cake, and all you needed was an app to make it even more special? No, we’re not talking about that daily exercise app you haven’t opened since January or your Bible App that only gets love on Sundays.

Nope, we’re talking about the GOtv app, the one application whose sole mission in this life is to kill you with enjoyment, while making sure you don’t break a sweat in the middle of all your flexing.

To show you just how bomb this application is, here are 3 things you absolutely must know the GOtv App is capable of doing:

1. Paying for your bouquet.

We love a technological flex. Okay, let’s imagine this scenario. You’re at work and you remember your favourite show comes up at 5 pm, but your GOtv subscription is due to expire at any minute. Before you can sneak to the nearest GOtv office to pay, your boss traps you and gives you work that’ll keep you busy way past closing time. Do you:

a. Fire him rubber when he isn’t looking for coming between you and your GOtv.
b. Cry at your desk because you know it’s the stale gist from King of Hearts you’ll hear at work the next day. Or, 
c. Boss up and pay for your subscription from the comfort of your office via the GOtv app?

If you picked C, you’re our type. We like you. The GOtv app makes it very easy to pay for your subscription from anywhere in the world. All you need is a phone, tab or laptop and you’re good to go.

2. Speaking of that bouquet, did you know you could change it any time?

The gift that keeps on giving. The GOtv app is so cool, it always considers your pocket and allows you to act accordingly. Let’s say a week before payday, you subscribe to the ₦400 lite bouquet (on the app of course!) because somebody accidentally spent all their salary on pepper soup and beer in the first week.

The minute almighty salary alert enters your phone, you can upgrade from Lite to the ₦3200 Max plan using the app, and all you’ll have to do is pay the extra ₦2800 again, within the app.

How cool is that?

3. You can become your own electrician on the rare occasion that your decoder acts up.

No need to call ‘Salisu Electrician’ if your decoder acts up. Become your own boss and use the app to sort out any error messages your decoder might give out.

But, if you want to contact GOtv directly on the error, you can reach a customer service rep from within the app.  Nobody should say we never show you good things.

I don’t know about you, but an app that lets you fix decoder errors, pay for or change your subscription AND allows you to fix decoder errors from within the app, has kind of elevated from app territory to a best friend, or what do you think? If you say yes then:

Because GOtv has so many different options to choose from, sometimes it gets a little difficult to keep up with them. Which is why it is so great that the app allows you to set reminders for all your shows, making sure you never have to miss any. And speaking of never missing any, here’s the best part

See, if you haven’t downloaded this app, or if you haven’t gotten your GOtv decoder before I open my eyes, go and do the needful. 

Or you don’t like better thing?

The GOtv app is available on the PlayStore and the App Store, make sure to get it.

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