Antisocials are always looking for ways to dodge going out. They always have an Arsenal of excuses to use whenever they are invited out. They’re experts at dodging invitations and finding loopholes so they can lie down in bed all day. If you hear any of these 5 excuses, just know that they’re trying to avoid you and the outing. Hold their shirt.

1. “Oh shit, it’s today? I forgot.”

Even though you reminded them 17 times in the past 4 days.

2. “Ah I’m going for my cousin’s wedding that day oh.”

Cousin will suddenly materialise from nowhere.

3. “I’m travelling.”

To where oh, Buhari?

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4. “I’m not feeling fine.”

This is the go-to lie of anti-socials worldwide.

5. “I’m fasting.”

Does God know that you’re lying, Tolu?

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