Coronavirus is in town and everybody is trying their best to not contract the virus. Trying their best being: social distancing, frequent hand washing, and for some people, wearing certain protective gears. And this last part is the funniest, because a lot of them simply became creative with their outfit.

1. Is that a water dispenser?

How does he even breathe?

2. This Aunty who decided to make things sexy.

If you gotta show up, then you gotta do it with a slay. Go sis!

3. Grandma must whack.

What’s actually funny is the way the mouth of the bottle points downward.

4. Erm… has a horse come to shop?

The look of the other man says it all.

5. American wonder.

The expression of the cashier is hilarious.

6. Is that a birthday cone?

Safety first, lewl.

7. This is the best of them all.

An aquatic human in a terrestrial habitat.

8. You heard her!

Honestly, this needs to be brought to Nigeria.

9. And now, the grand finale…

Why is the dinosaur wearing a face mask for goodness’ sake?


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