Escaping sapa is the Nigerian dream, and while we keep moving on our journeys to freedom, you have to keep fighting back. 

Food is the most important weapon you need in your arsenal, and Zikoko is here with the right cookbook for you.

Diced Mangoes

How would you dice a mango? Well, that’s left for you to figure out. But this food is a smash hit for the times when Sapa shows its true colors.

Fufu and Egg

How do you get more than enough carbs and protein while on a budget? Here’s your answer: you don’t even need three square meals after eating this. Think of it as an abridged version of a balanced diet.

Beans and Amala

This is based on consensus, and it works as a less simplistic version of fufu and egg. It’s basically fufu and egg with more happiness added. 

Garri and Crayfish

Crayfish is that unsung universal food hero that tastes good with everything. You can use crayfish for Jollof rice, stew, yam, and many more foods. So why not with garri too? 

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Fruits of the Spirit

Sometimes, all you need is to go to church and listen to the word of God, because he who is filled with the spirit will not want things of the flesh.

Tomato paste Jollof rice

As the name implies, this is basically jollof rice made mainly from tomato paste and a few spices. You may argue that it’s not jollof rice but that’s really your business. Try it out and see if it doesn’t come out looking like Jollof.

Bread and Noodles

We would have suggested spaghetti and bread, but we’re trying to fight sapa here, so let’s stay focused. Bread and noodles are basically two of the cheapest foods that Nigerians absolutely love. Also, what does bread not go well with in this life?

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