In this life if you’d don’t shine your eyes well, then anything can happen or one human being will take you fi idiot. So, if you ever find yourself in any of these situations, remember to what? Shine your eyes well.

1. When buying earphones

You see those guys that hawk earphones and gadgets from place to place? Before you carry your big head to buy “original follow-come” earphones for 1000 Naira, better shine your eyes well. Except you don’t mind hearing your ancestors voice in a Beyonce album.

2. If you find yourself in the BBN house

Before you entertain the notion that everyone in the Big Brother Naija house is your friend, shine your eyes oh. Don’t go and lose guard. Heaven is the goal.

3. When falling in love

Forget all that “love is blind” story. This is serious business, and you need your eyes open for it. Make sure it is a heart you are falling into, and not a trap.

4. When dealing with a Nigerian bus conductor

You think you are smart, until conductor will tell you to collect your N950 change from so-so person and zoom off. That won’t happen if you shine your eyes well.

5. When you are sleeping

Does this surprise you? This is the perfect time to be shining eyes wider than ever. We live in trying times; someone might be planning to strangle you in your sleep or God forbid that they should unlock your phone and go through your chats. Shine your eyes well, they won’t dare come close.

You’re welcome, dear.



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