If you are in a relationship and you’d like to know if you are dating an evil spirit, here are clear signs. If your boyfriend or girlfriend does at least five things on this list, you better pack your load and run.

1. They kiss with their eyes open.

Normal people kiss with their eyes closed. If your own partner does it with their eyes wide open, they are probably gauging the best way to donate you at their monthly meeting.

2. They prefer injection to pills.

You too, think about it. This kind of person will feel no pain when it’s time to use you for sacrifice.

3. They swallow their pills without water.

Ah. Run ohhh.

4. They sleep with their legs on the wall.

They will probably call it a good way to get blood flowing, but hmmm. Nigerian Airways, evil spirit edition. Flee that relationship NOW!

5. They chew their medication.

What’s the assurance that they won’t chew your flesh when the time comes?

6. They sleep with their eyes open.

Even when they are asleep, they are still monitoring you. God abeg oh.

7. They eat Semo.

You sef. Is this flag not red enough? Is it until you see 666 on their head???

8. They enjoy avocado.

You still want to remain in that relationship, abi? Okay oh. Maybe they have initiated you without your knowledge sef.

9. They eat before brushing.

Isn’t this premium evil spirit behaviour?! How can you eat before you brush your teeth?

10. They do asfdjhjs when eating hot food.

If hot food does not faze them, don’t think your tears will faze them when it’s time to drag you to the midnight meeting.

11. They chew their swallows.

Someone chews eba and you don’t think they are from the marine kingdom?? Okay nau.

12. They snore.

They are communicating with their fellow evil spirits. BRING OUT THE HOLY WATER!

13. They don’t snore.

This one has upgraded to premium evil spirit plan. Till they will finish you, you will not know.

You better run.


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